For the past 19 years we have had a family traditions regarding going on a trip to Scandinavias biggest warehouse – Gekås in Ullared. In this crazy place you can buy anything what you could ever think of (except shoes, but there are two shoestores right outside the warehouse, so that’s alright.) 

For as long as I can remember, this warehouse has evolved SO much.
It came from being “only” 1 floor to 5 floors, storing everything, including a restaurant which could be compared to IKEAs, just better and cheaper.
Beside that Gekås has now also got one hostel, one hotel AND a plane, which flies to Gekås from all kind of different destinations – and with a warehouse evolving THAT quickly, it would be a shame not to tell more people about it. 

Facts about the warehouse: 

The warehouse was founded in 1963 and therefore it turns 55 years in 2018. 

The yearly turnover is about 4.2 billion SEK (almost 469 million USD)

Beside being the biggest warehouse in Scandinavia it is also Swedens biggest tourist attraction. 

Gekås’ record in turnovers in one day is 5 million USD. 

When you arrive to Ullared, the city of Gekås, the first thing you see is a whole bunch of parking lots, a big hotel and of corse the gigantic warehouse with a lot of small shops surrounding it. There will be a lot of cars but not that many people to see. The closer you get to the warehouse the more people. 

When you step into the warehouse chaos begins – people, stuff, baskets, carts and even more stuff. E V E R Y W H E R E. As mentioned will this seam very chaotic in the beginning, but it is only because their entrance is very small compared to the gigant warehouse and all the people visiting it everyday. When people get in and spread out it gets a bit easier to overcome. 

Gekås is branding themselves with the fact that they got everything and for very cheap – for example backpacks, deodorants and clothes which is cheaper here then in the rest of Sweden and Denmark, which is where I’m from. This is the reason that their costumers often travel 150 kilometer to get there. 

Because Gekås IS a warehouse I understand why some people would doubt the quality. But besides selling their own brand they also sell wellknown brands like Niveau deodorants, Levi’s T-shirts, Dolce Gusto Coffeemakers and Lundby dollhouses – and of course these are the qualities that we know of. 

When you feel the hunger is coming crawling in, head up to 4. floor, where the restaurant is located. Here you can enjoy some food for a ridicules small price – and I must admit, that the food is just fine! 

After lunch you might want to look around a bit more while approaching the exit – now you might think that a warehouse with approx. 20.000 customers a day, the queues must be ridiculously long, but no!
Gekås has 63 cash registers, so I’ll promise you it won’t take long. 

So, if you find yourself in Sweden I hope that this post inspired you to stop by this insane warehouse. 


  1. We always go on the weekends and I find it so stressful! So many people haha, but I love going to it anyway


      • Yea, everyone works during the weeks, so weekends it is! Maybe next year we’ll go on an actual weekday and get some “proper” shopping done.


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