My latest travel was to Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, and I must say, I got pretty surprised. If you travel from one big city to another in Europe, I personally often get the feeling, that it’s quite hard to tell the difference because they remind me of one another. As a matter of fact I often remember the capital from its big attractions such as London Eye, The Eiffel Tour in Paris and the jewish monument in Berlin. This is probably also the reason that I did not have any expectations to Lisbon – it just doesn’t have that big attraction like London for example does. So I was excited to see what the capital of Portugal had to offer. 

And the answer was everything. Beautiful views, not as modern, tiles, beautiful architecture, great food and more tiles. Lisbon is filled with reasons of why you should go there now – and here’s 5 of them. 

The architecture and the tiles:
Often people find Copenhagen, which is where I am from, to be a beautiful city, which I truly understand because of the old architecture – round, colourful, tiny or huge. When I see a picture of Nyhavn reflecting in the canals I tell myself that it doesn’t get any more picturesque than that – until I saw Lisbon. Their buildings are covered with tiles in all different kinds of patterens and colours. A good advice would be to get it all in – and not just through the camera though it can be hard not to take a picture of every single building. 

The expenses:
This is kind of challenging to write about because of the subjectivity among this topic. But if you visit this page you’ll see that the expenses for eating out on restaurants are 52% lower in Lisbon than in London – and if you choose to rent an apartment while staying in Lisbon you can also cook your own food. Here are the expenses for groceries almost 30% lower in Lisbon. So if you agree with this website, it is quite cheap in Lisbon – All things considered, it still is a European city.  

The first of November 1755 Lisbon experienced 3 powerful earthquakes. They destroyed 17.000 out of the 20.000 buildings existing – later the fires came together with 3 tsunamis each about 20 meters tall. Despite all this Alfama remained – a district in Lisbon, which now is spoken of as “the real Lisbon”.
Get lost in the small Becos, find cute restaurants and cafes while listening to the authentic fado music. 

The fairytale of Sintra:
Only 45 minutes outside of Lisbon’s tiles and noisy trams, Sintra is located – the city of fairytales. Sintra is surrounded by beautiful hills and if you climb these you’ll find Palacio de Pena – det most terrific castle you’ve ever seen. After 2,5 hours of walking up, up and up it blew my mind to see the colourful castle on the top of the hill. This was absolutely one of the coolest attractions ever – and if you ask me, it was the coolest attraction in Lisbon. 

The silent city:
I think we’ll all agree that Lisbon is the capital of Portugal AND a city. And even though it can be just as loud as any other city, it still can feel like you’re in no man’s land.
If you walk though the small streets of Alfama, you can hear the sounds of the locals living their everyday life – some are cooking, some are cutting their nails in the windows while others are sitting and talking the beautiful portugues language over a cup of coffee.
Lisbon got it all – the cosy silence and the noise from the bells on the trams. 

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