When we thought about going to Iceland for the first time we didn’t really think about the whole Reykjavik situation. We knew that we would like to go there and experience the city, but that wasn’t what we were most excited about. 

Reykjavik really surprised us though! We stayed there for 2 nights, so we only had 1 whole day to explore the city – and I must admit that 1 day was just fine for us. 

Reykjavik is a great city but also very small, so here is a guide to how to make the most of it! 

Get up and start your day of with a culinary experience: the Icelandic skyr (pronounced “skir”) 

For those of you who don’t know it; it’s basically a very thick and almost dry yoghurt. It is delicious, filled with protein and they have lots of different tastes. 

When you are ready to get out and start your day, start with walking through the shoppingstreet in Reykjavik called Laugavegur. Here you can do some window shopping or actual shopping or maybe just stroll around the area finding cute café’s to visit. 

For some beautiful scenery, walk down to the waterside and enjoy the mountain view while walking towards the beautiful and quit new operahouse. Here you can go in and get a tour if you would like. 

Head down to the green clock on Lækjartorg before 1pm to get yourself the Icelandic and very famous hotdog called pylsa – definitely worth a try. 

Make sure to reach the green clock in Lækjartorg a little before 1pm so you can be ready for the best walking tour ever! Remember to have a bit of cash so you can make a donation in the end. It’s definitely worth a donation – you can get more info here

After the walking tour it could be time for some food – head to “Icelandic street food” which isn’t far from where you’ll end the tour. Here you can get the cheapest meal in Iceland. Their motto is that no one leaves the place hungry. Therefor this is the perfect place to try all the Icelandic specialties. 


Before the evening gets upon you, head down to take a look at the famous church Hallgrímskirkja and the old harper. Here you and relax with a cup of kaffi (coffee) or eat some of the best fish ever.

Head to the center for some free comedy. Come early and get yourself a good Icelandic beer, such as the Viking. You’ll find the free comedy … 

End your day by treating yourself with another pylsa for the walk home. 

Bonus tip: If the weather is good and there’s a clear sky, you could also end the day by grabbing a cup of coffee or a cup of tea and make your way down to the harper – here you kan sit and wait for the northern lights to show up, though you can never be 100% sure to see them. 

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