Coming to Iceland involved of thought. At what time of year, for how long and how should we do it? We ended up with the answers: in winter, for 10 days and the ring road by car.
And the ring road in particular is the subject of todays post.
If you are going to Iceland for approx. 7 days or more, I most definitely think that you should do yourself a favour and rent a van so you can go on the great adventure that the ring road gives you. 

More specifically, this post will be about places to stop on the Ring Road if you are driving in a normal car – so no need for 4×4 vehicles.
You’ll only need a 4×4 vehicles if you want to go off-road – but for a first timer we decided that this wasn’t necessary for us. 

We started our rute in Keflavik because of the location of our renter.
After settling in to our new home for the next 7 days we drove to the Blue Lagoon – after the most touristy attraction EVER we drove to Selfoss where we stayed over night.
Blue Lagoon: I think this might be the most popular attraction in all of Iceland – and I get why. The Blue Lagoon is very nice and really relaxing and in the price there is also included a free drink and a lovely facemask. That being said I think 85 euros/person is a little bit overpriced. It is really nice and the facilities are lovely but I don’t think going to a lagoon should break your bank. 

After Selfoss we did the golden circle with the Thingvellir, Geyser and Gullfoss – very cool and I was happily surprised that all three things were free to enter. After the golden circle we went to Skogafoss where we stayed overnight.
Skogafoss: I honestly think that this was one of the nicest camping areas we stayed at. Not because of the facilities but because it was so magical falling asleep to the sound of a waterfall and waking up to the giant waterfall with no tourists around – it was marvellous and I would recommend it to everyone.

Moving on on our trip we drove from Skogafoss to the beautiful Jökulsárlón which is famous for it’s blue icebergs and glaciers. By the time we got there it was dark, so we waited to the day after to go explore.
Jökulsárlón: Most definitely worth a stop! See the blue icebergs and the glacier lagoon – and if you have the time you should definitely book a tour to go see an ice cave – here is the link to our trip with Guide to Iceland! It was such a cool experience and it is worth the money. You are not allowed to go to the glaciers yourself because of the sinkholes, which will make more sense once you book a tour and let the professionals tell you more about it. 

On the same day as we did the glacier tour we drove from Jökulsárlón to Egilsstadir which was quit a long journey – but it was beautiful. In Egilsstadir we stayed overnight.
Egilsstadir: Honestly this city isn’t as eventfull as some of the other cities, but as all of the other cities in Iceland – they have a swimmingpool. So we spent the morning there and relaxed in the hot-tubs and saunas. If you go to Iceland, going to a local swimmingpool has to be on your bucket list. It is a great way to meet the locals as well. 

That was it for the south and the east coast. A lot of people only do this part of the country because the bigger attractions are placed here – so I thought it would be a good idea to separate this post into two, this being the first one. 

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