As you might have noticed if you follow me on social media (go follow me @ mingalablog on Instagram, lol) I went on my first ever solo trip to Prague this spring and it was amazing. A solo trip itself is definitely not for everyone, but I do think everyone should give it a go! That being said Prague is a great, great, great city to visit – though I did find a lot of things quite “odd” or maybe just things I didn’t know so I had to learn. Nevertheless I dedicated this post to those things – feel free to comment down below if you agree or if you don’t

You have to powerwalk over the crossroads. 

Honestly, I have learned to appreciate the crossovers in Denmark – you take your time, no rush and so on. That is not the case in Prague. I don’t know if I was just very unlucky with all of my crossovers or if that is just the way it is, but one thing is certain and that is, that if you are not standing by the lights before it turns green, you are never gonna make it to the other side – and even if you stand by traffic lights ready to walk there is no such thing as “taking your time” when you have 10 seconds or less to get to the other side.

There are always people on the Charles Bridge. 

One morning I got up at 5:30 am to shoot some pictures. I had a few locations in mind like Prague Venice, Lennon Wall and the Charles Bridge, but when I got to the bridge at around 5:45 there were already plenty of tourist with cameras. I spoke to a man who got to the Charles Bridge at around 5:00 and the same thing happened – plenty of tourist.
But then again, I guess it isn’t as surprising as I first thought since it is the biggest attraction in the Czech Republic – and with all the big attractions come all the tourists as well. 


The sweet pastry called “Trdelník”

The Trdelník (aka bread with cinnamon and sugar) has nothing to do with the Czech Republic. In fact, they are originally from Slovakia. This might be choking since you can’t walk 5 meters without passing one of the stands. They are delicious and I recommend everyone to try them if you like bread, cinnamon and sweet things. In the Czech Republic you can even get them with ice cream inside – yum! Just keep in mind that it is no such thing as a “czech delicacy and cultural experience”. 

Things aren’t always as they seem like 

The first night eating out – alone, I went to a very traditional Czech pub. It was very “cozy”, I guess you can say, with lots of people eating and drinking a ton of beer. I decided to go in for dinner and a beer. Here I ordered, and I quote: “Dumplings, meat loaf and cabbage” – ‘cause honestly it was the cheapest thing on the menu, so I just went along with it. I ordered feeling quit excited for the dumplings, since I haven’t tried a european dumpling before. When she came in with the food I looked at the plate. The cabbage looked fine, the meat looked fine – but the dumplings? Not what I thought they would look like. Turns out that in the Czech Republic the so called “dumplings” are some kind of very “moist” bread, it almost felt soaked. It honestly tasted fine and I think it was more the thought of what I thought would come out on my plate vs what actually got out. 

The Jewish museum is not a museum 

I don’t know if this is something people actually know or if I am the only one googling The Jewish museum and getting very confused because of the location – so let me help: The Jewish museum are multiple synagogues and a cemetery (which I recommend everyone to visit) located all around The Jewish Quarter – therefor you just walk around in the Jewish Quarter visiting the different synagogues and so one. So don’t get confused when you can’t locate the actual building where you walk indoors looked at pictures and stuff – ‘cause it’s not there.

Prague is honestly such a great city – especially for first time solo travellers and I would recommend anyone to go there. With or without a travel partner doesn’t really matter for a city like this. 

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