Let’s be honest – we all love free stuff, right? The problem is just that often people equals travel with expenses, and lots of them. I think we can all agree that travelling isn’t cheap and with flights and accommodation it quickly adds up, but people do tend to make things worse – fact is that there are always free things to do no matter where you are, but especially in Prague. So today I’m giving you my top 5 free things to do when in Prague

The Jewish Museum: 
As I mentioned in my previous post the Jewish Museum in Prague is not a museum inside a building like most others. It is a walk around the Jewish quarter with the different kinds of synagogues. They are beautiful both inside and out, but you can always do the walk for free and not go inside the synagogues and the cemetery.

The Petrín Park, Prague Castel & Letna Park: 
If you’re staying at the other side of the river walk to the “most legíi” and cross Vltava (Moldau). If you go straight you’ll immediately get to the Petrín Park with the “Eiffel Tour” – it is a beautiful walk if you walk north/east. From here the castle and Letna park are very easy to find and completely free of charge.

The Astronomical Clock: 
Probably the second biggest tourist attraction in Prague and free! Basically the clock has a little show on the hour every hour and huge groups of tourists gather to watch it. The show is something and you’d have to make your own opinion, but never the less it is free – just like the rest of the square. 

David Cerný walking tour: 
Maybe there is already a tour like this, but by “tour” I mean a non-guided “try-to-locate-some-of-David-Cerný-work-by-walking-around-Prague”-tour. It is free and his work is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to try and locate all of his work. But I did find the crawling babies which where quite extraordinary and huge.
Also, if you find some of his work go get yourself some wifi and try to find the meaning – his messages are really fun and interesting to know about. 

The Charles Bridge: 
I know, this should probably have been the first one. It’s just so obvious since this is the biggest tourist attraction in Prague. If you don’t know Charles Bridge, try to Google “Prague”. The bridge which you’ll probably see on every single picture is the Charles Bridge. Unfortunately it is  a l w a y s  packed with tourists trying to take a great shot on the bridge (which is why it’s also mentioned in my latest post), but if you take the stairs down from the bridge you’ll find Prague Venice which is also gorgeous and with less crowds of tourists since everyone walks all the way over the bridge and doesn’t register the stairs. 

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