So I travel a lot – just stating the obvious. And maybe you have the impression of me getting well-paid, maybe I have one of those job where I can work on the road or maybe I have great saving and no bills nor rent to be paid. Or maybe non of you thought any of those things. Nevertheless, nothing of what is written above is true, except that saving money is almost like a sport to me.
When I travel, I travel on a  b u d g e t. I find the cheapest way to get there, the cheapest way to stay and the cheapest way to eat. And in this post I wanted to share my “secrets” (lol) on how to get somewhere the cheapest way possible. 

I know what a lot of you probably are thinking right now: “We know, we’ve already tried that”. But if you don’t and if you haven’t and are the two I would recommend. My personal favourite is Momondo, because I think it is easier to navigate.

If you can be flexible with the date and the time everything will get so much easier. When choosing the date on Momondo you can click the +3 button and it will search for tickets 3 days before and after your chosen date. If you are searching on the exact date you will see a pin diagram in the top which will show you what dates are the cheapest. 

My top airlines are Norwegian and SAS which is why I am a member of the Norwegian Reward Club and Star Alliance. Being a member of Norwegian has saved me a lot of money because they often have flights on sale – and you get notified every time.
Speaking of airlines. Another EVERY important tip is to always do your research on the website. E.g. if you go to SAS you can choose to search for Youth Tickets on the low fare calendar, which will give you a deep dive down in the prices, so always explore the whole page before purchasing anything. 

Obviously one of the first things you would do, if you were to book a get-away, would be to go and order a flight. But nowadays there are so many more ways to travel then by flights. Often buses and trains are less expensive – I know it takes longer to get from A to B if you choose another way than flying, but if you got the time or are interested in making the time. Trains and buses are great ways to travel – especially within Europe where the train connections are great! 

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